YEAST Factory

Turnkey Continue System

Baker's Yeast Production Factories




Yeast producers
Public bread factories- Big bakeries

You only have the money you pay to buy yeast.
You can own your own yeast factory.


Produce 50% cheaper than other existing yeast producers.

It is produced from corn flour, not molasses, a sugar factory by-product.

Least energy use
70% less energy use than current yeast technologies

Environmentally friendly, Zero waste
Does not emit bad odor to the environment like other yeast factories

Minimum Investment... Maximum Profit


Since molasses and energy prices are very low for years, baker's yeast is produced from molasses worldwide. However, molasses has a unique smell that disturbs the environment. In addition, since baker's yeast produced from molasses is very dirty, a lot of water is used in yeast production.

Since corn flour is used in the production of Ceymaya, very little water is used in production.
Since there is zero waste in the production of Ceymaya, very little energy is used.