Butyl Acetate Plant

Butyl Acetate Production

  • We produce Butyl Acetate with a very simple method developed by us. It is a first in the World.
  • We are not applying for a patent to prevent copying of our invention.
  • With the known methods,Butyl Acetate is produced in many different steps
  • To produce Butyl Acetate with the known methods, very high investments have to be made.



  • In our newly developed method, the reaction temparature is very low.
  • The colour of the end product is 10 hazen. There is definitely no polymerizstion or loss of product.
  • The investment cost is very low.
  • You can produce 1000 tons of Butyl Acetate per month only in a 200 m2 closed area.
  • Energy, labor and general costs are very low and it costs maximum 10 USD to produce a ton of Butyl Acetate.
  • Esther contect is always higher than %99,7.

Raw materials needed to produce 1 ton of Butyl Acetate:
638 Kg n-Buthanol + 517 Kg Acetic Acid ------ 1000 Kg Butyl Acetate + 155 Kg Water

Production of Butyl Acetate plant