Ethanol Production Plant

Ethyl alcohol companies produce their own fresh yeast and use fresh yeast in production. Since they do not have any yeast recovery technology, they produce new yeast every day. They lose energy, labor and money every day.
Again, the efficiency in ethyl alcohol production produced with classical systems is only 8%.

There is no yeast production in the technology we have developed.
You save a great deal of energy, labor and yeast production.
Your Production Cost is minimal.

sample facility for our customer

In plants producing ethyl alcohol with conventional systems, alcoholic mash containing large amounts of fresh yeast is sent directly to the distillation columns. Therefore, there is an intense yeast odor in alcohol.

In our facilities, yeast never goes to the distillation columns.

The fermentation period is very long in conventional ethyl alcohol plants. Therefore, a large amount of dead yeast is formed and causes a heavy odor in the alcohol.

The fermentation time in our facilities is 48-72 hours.

Again, many ethyl alcohol production facilities have only 2 or 3 distillation towers.
There is no chance to interfere with undesirable by-products such as methyl alcohol, acetic acid and aldehyde.

In our facilities, ethyl alcohol coming from the distillation tower is subjected to a new process.
1- Acetic acid and aldehydes are completely destroyed.
2- The amount of methanol is reduced to 630 ppm per liter, which is WHO's limit for methanol in ethyl alcohol.


Fermentation of ethanol from corn


Capacity: 50.000 Kg / day
Raw material: Molasses or sugar

Capacity of plant is 25.000 Kg Ethanol per day